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The stories of our past empower us today.


I am a graduate of Villanova University and the University of Pennsylvania


As a former English and history teacher, I understand and embrace the power of stories in our lives.


I get my love of sports from a fifteen year career in the field of athletics and a houseful of boys who love to play.




Quarterback Tank Howard wants Amber Johnson, but he knows he needs a Hail Mary to convince her to give him a second chance.

Three years ago, Tank broke Amber’s heart. Although they continue to share the same circle of friends, they have managed to avoid each other. But as they come together for their best friends’ engagement party, they are ready to forgive each other and move on. Except with time and distance, the hurt has faded. And Tank decides he needs another opportunity to convince Amber to take a chance on him.

Tank rearranges his life to be near Amber during the off-season. Unable to trust her instincts, she refuses to believe the sincerity of Tank’s pursuit and she holds herself back. With patience and a careful strategy, Tank begins to break down her walls. But with an interfering friend-with-benefits and jealous best friend threatening his plans, Tank is going to have to play the game of his life to win the biggest prize.

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Tank Howard made headlines when he shocked the college football world by signing with Coach Franco’s non-BSC contender, Kensington State. Amber Johnson narrowly avoided making news following a harrowing accident that left her more than a little scarred. Three years later, as the profile of Kensington State begins to rise, Tank and Amber meet when she falls at his feet – literally. Although Tank needs to focus on football and Amber needs to focus on healing, neither one of them is able to fight their attraction.

As the season heats up so does their relationship and their struggle to navigate through his fame, her infamy, and the expectations of the season. When an agent comes after Tank, everything is on the line: his relationship with Amber, his shot at the Heisman and the career of Franco. Figuring it all out may be his greatest audible yet.

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Since her brother Gabe's death eight years ago, Lena Pryce has removed herself from all things that remind her of her past including people from her hometown, memories of her brother, and the game of soccer. J.C. Callahan was there the day his best friend Gabe Pryce collapsed and died. That single event led him and his friends on a path which defined all of their futures.

When Lena’s son Nick makes a travel soccer team, all she avoided for years suddenly surfaces as part of her everyday life. Despite her efforts, she can’t seem to walk away from a piece of her discomforting past - J.C. Callahan. The feelings she has for him constantly battle all of those memories of her brother and that time of her life that she had worked so hard to forget. Will she abandon it all or embrace the love and legacy her brother has left behind?

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Lex and Lu


Lex and Lu

Louisa May Knight, the intellectual, and Lex Pelliterri, the soccer superstar, were childhood sweethearts. Lex, with his irreverent, outgoing personality brought out the fun-loving side of his serious next-door neighbor, Lu. Together they experienced the excitement of first love and shared their dreams for the future-until their well-meaning parents forced them apart. Now, eight years later, a tragedy brings Lex and Lu back together for the first time. As they deal with the tribulations of the present and the pain of their past, they find themselves undeniably drawn to each other once again. But when Lex discovers the scandalous secret that Lu has been keeping from him, he is crushed under the weight of betrayal. Only time will tell if Lex and Lu can overcome their tumultuous history, but one thing is certain-the passion they share will burn forever.

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